Library Directors

Antonio Apodaca, MLIS

Camarillo Public Library

Kelly Behle, MLIS

Simi Valley Public Library

Dara Bradds, MLIS

Escondido Public Library

Christine Conwell, MLIS

Moorpark City Library

Priscilla Donovan, MLS

Leander Public Library

Barbara Howison, MLS

Riverside County Library System

Yuri Hurtado, MLIS

Upland Public Library

Amy Jones Lee, MLIS

Osceola Library System

Stephanie Kinsler, MLS

Millington Public Library

Lisa Lance, MLIS

Sam T. Wilson Public Library

Kari May, MLIS

Jackson County Public Library

Daniel Page, MLIS MS

Germantown Community Library

Logan Ragsdale, MLS

Red Oak Public Library

Robert Shupe, MLS

Palmdale City Library

Maria Sunio, MLIS

Moreno Valley Public Library

Lisa Taylor, MSIS

Sumter County Library System

Anna Tracy, MLIS

Shasta Public Library

Pam Tuller, MLIS

Finney County Public Library

Denise Wallace, MLIS

Farmers Branch Manske Library

Natalie Wright, MLIS

Collegedale Public Library

Regional Advisors

Steve Coffman, MLS

Debbie Joy, MLS

Lauren Lee, MLS

Director, Collection Management

Sara Roberts, MLIS

Director, Library Operations

Greg Vogt

Director, IT

Executive Team

Greg Toth

Chief Executive Officer

Todd Frager

Chief Financial & Operating Officer

Jennifer Giltrop, MLIS

Chief Library Officer

Gary Smith

Chief Information Officer

Eva Chung

Chief Human Resources Officer

Kendley Davenport

Vice President of Sales

Maureen DeLong

Vice President of Marketing