News • January 23, 2024

LS&S Wins High Honors for 2024 Modern Library Awards

LS&S recently received a Platinum Award and the highest honor of Service of the Year as part of the tenth annual Modern Library Awards (MLAs). The MLAs is a prestigious annual program that acknowledges excellence in products and services for libraries.  

As part of the award process, community leaders from LS&S partner communities offered their praises:

“This is without a doubt the best vendor myself or my Director ever contracted with. They were incredibly informative when we evaluated the option, and they have been great in running our library ever since. They found a great director and great staff who are well supported by their central office. It is a great model for all of those looking to build a new library system (as we did) or reimagine and innovate their current system (especially to integrate it with private sector downtown retail).” 

“LS&S provides a really unique set of solutions in the space of library services. They’ve worked really hard to listen, adapt, and continually develop new services to address the needs and challenges of those striving to provide high-quality library services to their communities. They are excellent partners and the quality of their services is deserving of this type of recognition.” 

The MLA distinctions are a testament to LS&S’s commitment to excellence in library service delivery. LS&S libraries are a significant part of thriving communities nationwide. 

Read about LS&S’s Platinum Award and Service of the Year in the 2024 MLA Special Issue here.