As the nation’s only company focused on operating public libraries, LS&S is trusted by community leaders to provide long-term library vitality, growth and service excellence. Through extensive experience partnering with communities, LS&S powers strong libraries by balancing cost and service.


40+ Years library experience

96% Customer retention rate

95% Employees work in libraries

100+ Master degreed librarians

100% Committed to library excellence

"LS&S has been a true partner with the city by providing library services and really responding to the community."

- Brian Gabler / Simi Valley City Manager

"By partnering with LS&S, we have been able to significantly increase the level of service to the community, while also reducing annual costs.”

- Yxstian Gutierrez / Former Moreno Valley Mayor

“I rely heavily on LS&S to provide me with the new trends, best practices and anything that we may be able to implement at one of our branches.”

- Suzanne Holland / Riverside County Director of the Office of Economic Development

“LS&S' economies of scale and ability to affordably provide excellent operational and public access technology are unmatched. These benefits turn into real savings for local governments, and allow library staff to focus on core services."

- Rona Stringfellow / Wilmer City Administrator



Founded to provide automated library services and support

Contracted to provide comprehensive library management services for Department of Energy libraries

Contracted by Library of Congress

Selected to operate Riverside County Library System, becoming the first private company to operate a public library system in the US

Selected to operate Finney County Public Library, Red Oak Public Library and Sam T. Wilson Public Library

Selected to operate Millington Public Library, Moorpark City Library and Shasta Public Libraries

Selected to operate Camarillo Public Library, Farmers Branch Manske Library and Collegedale Public Library

Selected to operate Palmdale City Library, Osceola Library System and Simi Valley Public Library

Selected to operate Moreno Valley Public Library, Sumter County Library and Upland Public Library

Developed Collection Management Team to centralize, optimize and tailor library collections to community need while enabling library staff to focus on patron service

Introduced partial library operation services (collection management, strategic planning, IT management, etc.) for libraries looking for support but not full managed services

Developed proprietary library analytics platform to manage library performance and enable libraries to make data driven decisions

Selected to operate Escondido Public Library and Manassas Park City Library

Opened The Cybrarium, a one-of-a-kind library that breaks the mold of traditional learning with an exciting blend of cutting-edge technology and innovative service delivery

Acquired LAC Federal to expand support for Federal libraries


LS&S’ federal division becomes the only professional services provider to support all five national libraries


Librarians are the foundation of LS&S. Comprised of 95% library staff and more than 100 masters-degreed librarians, LS&S is guided by experienced library professionals.

Kelly Behle, MLIS

Simi Valley Public Library

Christine Conwell, MLIS

Moorpark City Library

Elise Cook, MLIS

Red Oak Public Library

Heather Fuller, MLIS

Farmers Branch Manske Library

Barbara Howison, MLS

Riverside County Library System

Trevor Hunter, MLIS

Homestead Cybrarium

Jennifer Jenkins, MLS

Sam T. Wilson Public Library

Amy Jones, MLIS

Osceola Library System

Stephanie Kinsler, MLS

Millington Public Library

Lisa Lance, MLIS

Huntsville Public Library

Rino Landa, MLIS

Escondido Public Library

Regina Mullins, MSIS

Collegedale Public Library

Mandy Nasr, MLIS

Camarillo Public Library

Nallely Navarro

E. M. Gilliam Memorial Library

Holly Ritchie, MLIS

Manassas Park City Library

Robert Shupe, MLS

Palmdale City Library

Maria Sunio, MLIS

Moreno Valley Public Library

Lisa Taylor, MSIS

Sumter County Library System

Jared Tolman, MLS

Shasta Public Libraries

Adam Tuckerman, MLIS

Upland Public Library

Pam Tuller, MLIS

Finney County Public Library

Joan Tyler, MLIS

Riverside County Library System

Sue Considine, MLIS

Vice President, Library Operations East

Heidi Dolamore, MLIS

Vice President, Library Operations West

Amy Johnson, MLS

Director, Collection Management

Lauren Lee, MLS

Senior Collection Librarian

Steve Coffman, MLS

Vice President, Service Delivery

Greg Vogt

Director, IT

Todd Frager

Chief Executive Officer

Gary Smith

Chief Information Officer

Maureen DeLong

Chief Marketing Officer

Cullen Donohoe

Chief Financial Officer

Joe McAvoy

Senior Vice President of Sales

Lisa Markham

Vice President of Human Resources

Katie Richman

Vice President of Finance, Controller


We believe that strong public libraries power strong communities. We believe in libraries that uphold the principles of intellectual freedom, provide free library access to all community members, and offer services that reflect diverse communities. We believe in the following core principles, which guide us in our daily work.

  • We care about each other and the libraries and communities we serve.

  • We build trust and strong relationships to make a difference every day.

  • We are relentless about improvement and committed to excellence.

  • We break the mold of library service through innovation.


Every community is unique. Library services should be too. We're here to answer questions and help you understand how the LS&S model can support your community.