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Public Libraries

Enabling the learning
that makes us all better.

Public libraries reflect the continuous transformation taking place in society. With new learning materials and methods, technology and other innovations, public libraries have a significant role in shaping change and making the benefits of it available to everyone in the community.

LS&S helps local governments stay ahead of change with best practices shared across our 80+ libraries. We work every day to ensure that library resources are used well and with a high degree of transparency so government leaders and citizens know they are getting the best value for their budgeted dollars. The result is a smarter and strengthened community.


Public libraries offer the perfect opportunity for local governments to tap into the benefits of a public-private partnership. It simplifies the administrative efforts of government leaders while preserving a city’s or county’s ownership of assets and control over policy.

With LS&S as your partner you get a clear, actionable plan to strengthen your library’s presence in the community, then we bring that plan to life. And having the continuity of your library staff on our team means your library lives up to its full potential without any disruption.

Technology Services

Just knowing what’s new in technology is a full time job, and we make it easy for librarians. We provide essential technology that delivers what you promise: a fulfilling experience that keeps patrons coming back. Whether the need is to maintain basic functions or introduce a library app, we have the knowledgebase and skills necessary.

Total solution. Our Library in the Cloud infrastructure operates Polaris, help desk, collections and other critical functions off-site. This frees up space, staff time and other resources that you can devote to core programs and services.

On-premise solution. LS&S supports IT needs within each branch with hardware and software upgrades, disaster recovery, security, mobility and other needs. This relieves library directors from having to know the many details needed to keep technology working.

Hybrid. Some libraries find the best way forward is to have certain functions handled in the cloud while others stay under the library roof. Our cost-benefit analysis helps you decide if this option works for you.

Analytics. Having even the right data is not enough. What’s needed is an overall data strategy with the trends and implications behind the numbers. LS&S does this, from collections and demographics to process efficiency and more. Our automated solutions simplify state reporting requirements, generate dashboards on productivity, and help support decision making.

Consulting Services

What could you achieve with more customer insight, the latest technology, or a dazzling library space? And what if the solution easily fit into your budget? LS&S supports public libraries with affordable, strategic consulting services backed by 30+ years of library expertise. Our data-driven approach uncovers opportunities to boost engagement and expand capabilities at or below current operating costs.

Library assessment. The way forward starts with an understanding of where you are today in terms of efficiency, staffing, collections, programs and costs. LS&S evaluates critical metrics matched to future needs of all stakeholders: patrons, Friends of the Library, businesses, school officials and other community members.

Strategic planning. Our outside perspective can help you see the “big picture.” We cover long-term needs, goals, and success factors that are aligned with resources. The end result is a step-by-step plan that supports a library’s mission and fosters culturally rich and upwardly mobile communities.

Library space planning. You’ve seen compelling, visually arresting library layouts featured in trade publications and community spotlights. With a revitalization plan from LS&S, your ideal space becomes reality and transforms your visitors’ library experience.

Technology review. Overseeing the Information Technology (IT) for 80+ libraries gives us unique perspective on best practices. This also assures that you get insight on what works well, what needs to change, what you can do more of, and the must-haves vs. the nice-to-haves.

Collection support. Collections are a defining feature of libraries, from books and eBooks to music and videos. LS&S provides insight into the practicality of your collection with recommendations on how to keep it relevant and cost effective.

An Affordable Plan for Your Library

Our consulting services for public librarians offer cost-effective solutions to engage and improve your community. Contact LS&S today to find out what we can do for you.

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