Case Study

The Trend: Strong Libraries = Strong Communities

More than 75 communities across the US rely on decades of library operation experience and a strong history of library performance to strengthen their libraries.

Powered by excellent service and fiscal responsibility, these libraries are being transformed into destinations for enrichment, community connection and contemporary living.

Read how innovative leaders are driving community impact through their libraries.


Riverside County, California

In the mid-90s, California libraries were challenged by a massive budget cut due to a tax proposition that mandated a drastic increase in funding for state schools. Refusing to see residents cut off from library services, Riverside County searched for a solution that met community needs by expanding library services while lowering operational costs. In 1997, Riverside County leaders sought external expertise and partnered with LS&S to optimize operations. Together, Riverside County and LS&S created a solution that exceeded community expectations while lowering operational costs.


Escondido, California

As the City of Escondido faced mounting budget demands, City officials recognized the need for greater fiscal responsibility and efficiency at the Escondido Public Library. City leaders were adamant about high-quality services for their community so an excellent public library at lower cost was a must. In October 2017, Escondido leaders partnered with LS&S to save $400K/year ($4M over 10 years) and enhance library services while more efficiently managing day-to-day operations.


Farmers Branch, Texas

In 2010, the Farmers Branch Manske Library lacked the budget to offer high quality library services and fulfill its goal of supporting lifelong learning for all residents. City leaders were looking for a solution that would balance enhanced library service with unmatched efficiency, alleviating an increase in cost. Farmers Branch partnered with LS&S to redefine library service, which has become a key contributor to strong community growth and a thriving economy.


• Awarded Certificate of Excellence in Performance Management 2019 by ICMA
• Independent study conducted by U of T Arlington revealed Manske library performed better than 4 peer libraries

Osceola County, Florida

The 2008 Recession severely impacted Osceola County. Tasked with managing community recovery, local leaders searched for library system solutions that addressed budget constraints while providing more services. They believed strong libraries were key to community strength. On January 3, 2012, the Osceola Library System became the first library system in Florida to partner with LS&S to manage operations. Eager to provide quality patron service, LS&S embarked on a journey to excellence with a plan from day one.


For more than 30 years, LS&S has focused on a single
mission: Help communities flourish through enhanced library
operation. More than 75 communities rely on LS&S to drive
library and community vitality through enhanced patron
service and maximized limited resources




* Source Data: Riverside, 1997 – 2015; Escondido, 2018 – 2019; Farmers Branch, 2017; Osceola, 2019